Hiking through deep snow to get wine

Remember that mile-long trek in the snow for wine I mentioned, well here’s the scoop on that adventure:

After playing many rounds of “Things” and “Cards Against Humanity,” we were running low on wine and vodka, so we decided to make a trip to the liquor store. The snow had piled too high to drive a car down the long driveway of our friend’s woodsy lodge near Zion National Park, where we spent the weekend, so we donned hats, gloves and boots and went on a liquor run by foot.

As our fearless leader pushed a shovel through the thick white blanket of snow to create a path, we passed cows, sheep and horses along the way.




I even saw a snow-covered teepee for the first time.


Finally making it to the liquor store, which doubles as a gift and sundries shop–I’ve always liked that word, sundries, it just has a certain elfish quality about it–there wasn’t much variety. There was a lot of Sutter Home and Barefoot Wines. I ended up picking up a 2011 Malbec by Bodego Navarro-Correas and a Tisdale Cabernet Sauvignon. Neither of which are really wines to write home about and both were overpriced by about double.

The Tisdale Cabernet Sauvignon was too watery for my taste. I felt like it was too open. It couldn’t hold its attempt at berry and plum flavors together, so the wine just fella part and ┬átasted like a glorified grape juice. But, it turned out to be perfect for Sangria! I’ll share the recipe in another post. Here’s a picture teaser:


You’ll also have to wait until later this week for my review of the Malbec.

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