Riedel: From wine glasses to Coke glasses?

Riedel, the Austrian glassmaker that has made beverage containers for numerous types of wine, is now in the soda business, well sort of.

Riedel partnered with Coca-Cola to make a glass specifically for the soda titan, according to the Los Angeles Times.

For $16.99 from Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can get this specially made glass that is advertised as enhancing the Coke drinking experience, much like other Riedel glasses are meant to enhance the Syrah or Tempranillo-drinking experience.

The crystal glass is broad at the top and tapers down at the bottom, giving a fun-house mirror effect to the traditional hour-glass shape of Coke bottles today.


This photo, courtesy of Riedel, first appeared on latimes.com

According to the Los Angeles Times, Riedel and a panel of 20 that had intimate knowledge of Coke tried the beverage in various shaped glasses before deciding on this one, which also pays homage to the original Coke bottle from nearly 100 years ago.

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