Review: 2010 Hobson Estate Chardonnay

Off to Temecula I went this past Saturday to visit my other half’s childhood home–I’m sure you’ve seen my previous descriptions of this quaint property filled with all kinds of animals. Including this durpy Great Dane.


We hung out in the aviaries with the cockatiels–who are also my bird’s parents–and caught a glimpse of three Cockatiel eggs in a nest. We also ducked into a small pen to hang out with quails, which are quite fast and hard to catch. They had eggs, too, so it seems like breeding is in the air!


We sat down to a meal of fresh, hand-made pasta, which was really good (thanks Mario Batali), and glasses of 2010 Hobson Estate Chardonnay.


The first thing my boyfriend’s father said when he tasted the wine was ouch. The acidity in the wine made it kind of tingly on the tongue, which is not so fun when you have chapped lips.

I was surprised how spritzy this Chardonnay tasted. It had a light wheat color, which from the bottle exemplifies the cool temperatures in which the grapes were grown along the coast. The Chardonnay had a lemony, limy taste, but those citrus flavors transformed into a sour taste after the wine had warmed up a bit on the table.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Winery: Hobson Estate
  • Type: Chardonnay
  • Origin: Monterey area
  • Vintage: 2010
  • Price: $14
  • Alcohol content: 14.1%
  • When to drink: Hobson Estate isn’t my favorite Chardonnay, but it would be great for a summer picnic at Echo Park Lake. I can see it now: a little pedal boating, a little sun and a little lemon-lime zest to wash it all down.

3 comments for “Review: 2010 Hobson Estate Chardonnay

  1. PJ
    August 25, 2014 at 12:41 am

    Where can I purchase this wine? My zip code is 34491, FLoride.

    • wineforthewin
      September 25, 2014 at 4:36 pm

      Hi PJ. I always try when I’m on the hunt for a bottle, but I tried it for your zip and it doesn’t have any nearby locations. You may want to contact the winery directly to see if they distribute to a store near you (or you can buy online).

  2. Terry Incognito
    January 4, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    I had the Chardonnay 2010 and loved it.
    But can’t seem to find a local distributor. I sent an email to the winery and hope they respond. My zip code is 06062. Thank you

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