Whoops, That $37.50 Bottle of Wine Is Actually $3,750

The moral of this story, is always wear your glasses when ordering wine.

A diner at Bobby Flay Steakhouse in an Atlantic City casino was tasked with ordering a bottle of wine for his party of 10–a situation I often find myself in when nobody wants to take the plunge and do the ordering. He asked the waitress for a recommendation. She pointed to a 2011 Screaming Eagle, according to NJ.com.

The diner, Joe Lentini, who says he doesn’t know anything about wine, asked how much for the bottle. He didn’t have his glasses on so couldn’t see the price. She responded thirty-seven-fifty. The group discussed that was a reasonable price for a bottle, thinking she meant $37.50.

But when the bill came, they were shocked to see the real price: $3,750. They refused to pay that and the restaurant eventually lowered the price to $2,200. Some of the diners begrudgingly pitched in to cover the costs so they could get out of there.

Courtesy NJ.com

Courtesy NJ.com

The 2011 Screaming Eagle from Napa Valley has an average price of $1,900 at retail stores, according to wine-searcher.com.

As for the Borgata Casino, EVP Joseph Lupo told NJ.com that his staff did nothing wrong and followed standard practice.

“We simply will not allow the threat of a negative story that includes so many unaccounted and questionable statements to disparage our integrity and standards, which Borgata takes great pride in practicing every day,” Lupo said.