Review: 2012 Herdade de Gambia White Wine Blend

I’m telling you, I’m on a Portugal kick.

But this white wine blend from Herdade de Gambia was even better than the cryptically-labeled red blend I talked about a few days ago. Cloudy yellow, this wine smells like peach and oranges (yum!) and it has a smooth, drinkable je ne sais quoi quality about it. It’s bright, dry, a bit bubbly (maybe from the muscatel) and refreshing. It doesn’t have an overwhelming alcoholic taste like another white I’ve blogged about before. And most importantly, it makes you yell “Yippee!” when you drink it, well at least inside your head if you’re easily embarrassed.

IMG_20131110_190648 (1)

It’s from Peninsula de Setabul, which is known for producing sweet Muscat grapes with candied orange flavors. The wine, a blend of Moscato Graudo and Fernao Pires grapes, reminds me of a smooth Argentine Torrontes. Torrontes is a white wine grape that has aromatic flavors and a crisp burst of acidity.

According to the bottle, Herdade de Gambia is in the heart of a river estuary that hosts migrating birds. Perhaps that’s why there’s a pink flamingo on the label!

I want to buy this wine again, but I snagged it when I visited a friend in Berkeley and I’m having trouble finding it near me on Suggestions? I’d rather not pay to have it shipped, but I would if I got desperate. It’s that good.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Winery: Herdade de Gambia
  • Type: White Blend (Moscato Graudo and Fernao Pires grapes)
  • Origin: Peninsula de Setabul, Portugal
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Price: $11
  • Alcohol content: 13%
  • When to drink: If you’re down-trodden after a tough day at the office, don’t go to a bar and wallow in your sorrows. Go home and drink a glass of this white wine blend and say “Yippee!” The aroma and drinkability will cheer you up, stat.