Reuse leftover wine bottles as vases

I love fresh flowers, but some stems last longer than others and when my full bouquet starts to wilt, I like to pick out the survivors from the vase and transfer them over to leftover wine bottles. So the next time you finish a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay, don’t save that clear glass bottle!

Check out the mini-bouquets I just whipped together:


I chose to make the bouquet full because I like it that way, but one carnation or similar flower could stand on its own, as well.


I love how you can see the varying lengths of the stems through the clear glass.


Close up!

Some tips:

  • Cut your stems at different lengths to add dimension
  • Use more than one bottle (two if you have candles or three if you don’t) for your centerpiece
  • Gather flowers of different colors
  • Put some of the same flowers in all the vases, but mix it up so there are more of one kind of flower in one bottle than the other
  • Choose a clear glass to make the centerpiece look bright and fresh
  • If you only have dark bottles from red wines, I suggest spray painting them silver or another color with some shine that matches your dining room decor