Champagne and Red Bull

Our arrival in Buenos Aires on a Saturday night a few weeks ago got off to a rocky start when the person that was supposed to pick us up–my mom’s friend–wasn’t waiting at the gate. After some confusing back-and-forth, we discovered that she mistakenly came the day before! Not a problem, though, we just hopped in a taxi and went straight to our hotel.

But we didn’t stay there for long. We had been messaging with some friends–the sons of the woman who messed up the dates–and told that we had arrived. They invited us out to a concert at a club in San Telmo, one of the many hip, artsy, gentrifying neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. We met them there around 1 a.m., and the opening band had just started. Most clubs start start going until 2/3 a.m. in BsAs.


We got ourselves some drinks at the bar and by the time the second band came on–which apparently was some famous Argentinean indie band that sang in English–one of our friend’s girlfriends came out with a huge basket full of champagne flutes, champagne and Red Bull.

She popped the bottle and started pouring this mixed drink I’d never seen before. Yes, I’ve had my share of RBVs (Red Bull Vodkas…and that was a long time ago), but never Champagne/Red Bull. Apparently it’s what the hip kids drink. So there we were, after a 15 hour flight, dancing under a bright red candelabra, listening to an artist some of the chicos in our group called a “poet” and sipping a Champagne-ish drink, the opposite of what I’d normally do at an indie bar.


When I think Champagne, I think wedding or I think of my friend in New York who will only drink Prosecco before going out. I think indie bar, I thing Jameson and ginger-ale or a craft beer. But the bar only had Budweiser and ginger-ale was non-existant in Buenos Aires.

When I got home and googled the Champagne/Red Bull concoction I discovered that it’s called “Liquid Cocaine.” Pretty much says it all.