Moscato, pizza y faina!

We went to one of Buenos Aires’ most renown pizza joints, Pizzeria Guerrin, and our friends did the ordering.

So we got the traditional Argentinean pizza meal: Moscato, pizza y faina. I was told the trio is so famous that it’s even chronicled in a song. And then I found this YouTube video:

Faina is a garbanzo flatbread. They put it on top of cheese pizza and then drink a dark brown Moscato–which is very sweet. They also mix soda water in the Moscato to cut the sugariness. The water also dilutes the color (compare the glass on the left to the right, the one on the right has soda water mixed in). I’ve never seen brown Moscato before, so that was weird.


The pizza was cheesy and delicious and the faina was tasty, too, but would I have that Moscato again…probably not.