How many hours work buys wine

For someone who’s always on a hunt for wines on a budget, I was super interested when I saw this breakdown from of how many hours of work is enough to afford a bottle of wine.

It takes less than 30 minutes of work for people living in Spain, Austria and Belgium. Out of 109 countries, people in Luxembourg have to work the least to buy wine, just 14 minutes. Makes sense since the country had the highest monthly salary in the world: $4,089. South Koreans have to work about an hour. Us Americans must work under 45 minutes to buy a bottle. In 34 out of 109 countries analyzed it takes less than an hour. But in Iran, it takes 60 hours of labor before one can buy a bottle of wine, the longest amount of time of any country on the list. For the complete list, check out the original article (Warning: it’s in French, but the graphics are easy enough to understand). Here’s a segment of the data:

How Many Hours for a Bottle of Wine

The statistics were compiled by a French magazine using a cost-of living database and information from the United Nation’s International Labor Organization. The study was inspired by this┬ástory on how many hours of minimum wage work it takes to earn a beer.