They throw #wineraves in LA

I see my Twitter feed this morning and noticed something weird, the hashtag #winerave.

Some folks–more specifically Max Leer and Adam Vourvoulis, wine curators from Los Angeles’ foodie scene– made some bioluminescent wine cocktails, added glow sticks, topped it off with DJs and voila, a wine rave was born. I missed this one, but I think I may just have to keep an eye out for the next one.

This is a new concept to me–and I’m an EDC and wine devotee, separately normally. But there was a so-called wine rave at a club in San Diego in 2011, so perhaps not so new? I don’t think it ever caught on as a continual event (Their twitter feed stopped tweeting in 2011). The owners of Honeycut, a club, in downtown LA, seem to want to make it so. They had a similar wine rave theme for their New Year’s Eve bash.

Wine Rave’s mission statement, according to its website: “Wine rave is a state of mind. Can you free yourself from color: its sensations as pleasure; as life. Stop swirling. Derobe. Become bioluminescent. Feel a stranger. Listen. Laugh and have fun. Wine rave.”

Now to fully understand wine rave–which charged a $20 entry fee and included a wine cocktail–you need to see it to believe it. Not quite EDC, not even close really, but the brains behind wine rave sure got heart.

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We gettin wavvy this Thursday Jan 8th 11pm-close @honeycutla #winerave #wineshots #2trayz #glowrave

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Not your typical wine and cheese (nix the cheese) party, am I right?