The Ultimate Wine Reviews for Suburban Moms and Goats

Comedian Jeff Wysaski, a joke-planting connoisseur, has dipped his toes into the often stiff world of wine reviews. Robert Parker may have his 100-point scale, Wysaski has sass.

The comedian added his personal reviews to a store’s wine section and recommended the perfect pairing for each bottle. Popping the cork on a bottle of a red wine from Sterling Vineyards? Don’t forget to share some with your goat! It pairs well with “pasture grass and repeatedly headbutting a wooden fence post,” according to Wysaski. And his preferred use for Seghesio’s Zinfandel: using the bottle as protection against night Orcs.

My favorites, from Wysaski’s tumblr, Obvious Plant:




[h/t Huffington Post]