Wine jam is the best jam

One of my favorite dishes to make during Passover is Matzo brie. It’s like a dense, sweet pancake made of broken up bits of Matzo, eggs, water and lots of sugar. Matzo is the flat, crunchy cracker Jews eat during Passover as a reminder of our ancestors slavery in Egypt and the continuous need to focus on social justice.


I had gone the eight days of Passover without having time to make Matzo brie, but the day after, I made sure to fry a big one up for my other half and I to share. You can top Matzo brie with powdered sugar, syrup or jam. I chose to give it a dollop of this Muscat fig preserve we got as a giveaway gift at a recent wedding we went to.


The Kozlowski Fig & Muscat Wine Preserve is thick and chunky and reminded me of a fresher version of the insides of a fig newton. It was the perfect compliment to the fried Matzo brie. I love wine jelly, but this preserve was definitely something special.

When to eat: On pancakes, matzo brie or even a nice thick wheat toast.