WTF is blue wine?

Blue wine is a thing. And we can all thank a Spanish winery for bringing this Windex-colored alcohol into our lives.

The self-described sweet wine is made from red and white grapes. But how does it get that color? Anthocyanin (colored pigments) and indigo pigments. A good amount of sweeteners are tossed in there, too. Gik Winery developed the wine along with professors at University of the Basque Country and the food research arm of the Basque government. Gik is marketing the blue brew as a way to break from the norm; a wine revolution if you will.

First things that come to mind when scrolling through the company’s Instagram page:

1) Will this wine turn my teeth blue?
2) Do you drink it cold?
3) Stella Rosa must be kicking itself for not doing this first!

#GikLive y @softonic se unen para el #MobileWorldCongress ? #JustUnwine #VinoAzul #BlueWine #VinBleu

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Ok, I’ll bite. Expect a review here as soon as I can figure out how to order a bottle on the company’s website.