Pour it on me!

Chronicling my transition from wine novice to oenophile (sort of).


Wine jam is the best jam

One of my favorite dishes to make during Passover is Matzo brie. It’s like a dense, sweet pancake made of broken up bits of Matzo, eggs, water and lots of sugar. Matzo is the flat, crunchy cracker Jews eat during Passover as a reminder of our ancestors slavery in Egypt and the continuous need to…

The Ultimate Wine Reviews for Suburban Moms and Goats

Comedian Jeff Wysaski, a joke-planting connoisseur, has dipped his toes into the often stiff world of wine reviews. Robert Parker may have his 100-point scale, Wysaski has sass. The comedian added his personal reviews to a store’s wine section and recommended the perfect pairing for each bottle. Popping the cork on a bottle of a red wine from Sterling Vineyards? Don’t…